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The Bride

Hannah Reese


Home Town
Waterloo, NY

Parents of the Bride
Natalie Freier
Waterloo, NY

She Loves
singing, dancing, reading, walking by the lake and shopping

She Dislikes
Mean people

Favorite Food
mushrooms, asparagus and takeout

Favorite Quote
"If it was ment to be it will be"

The Groom

Steffan Smith

Eddie Bauer Associate

Home Town
Duncannon, PA

Parents of the groom
Nicole Smith
Duncannon, PA

He Loves
Hockey, Playing Paintball and Fishing

He Dislikes
Bad drivers

Hannah and Steffan ~ September 10, 2011!

Dating for: 9 years and 9 months and 1 day

Engaged on: December 31, 2003

Our story...

We met in the eleventh grade when Steffan moved to Waterloo from Duncannon. We were in the same chemistry class. On steffan's first day in that class Hannah offered to be his lab partner. From then on we would talk during labs and would say hi in passing. During our chemistry regents at the end of school, Hannah's assigned seat was direcly in front of steffan. There they were able to talk and learn a little bit about each other. Since Hannah already knew that steffan liked to cook she asked him what was his favorite thing to make. His response was soup. From then they had there summer vacation and their senior year to look foreward to. Litte did Hannah know He had liked her since first galnce. The next year they ended up in the same lunch study hall. They talked and ate lunch together everyday. The first date was to the homecomming dance. I hate to report to all of you that Hannah was the one who asked Steffan on there first date. Dont worry though, steffan later redeems himself. Later that week before the dance steffan asked hannah to be his girlfriend, she said yes. He came to watch her play in the homecomming parade and in the stands. Trust me he didn't come for the game, it wasn't that good. That night he came to the dance with her first corsage and three long stemed red roses. After that how coud they not end up together forever?

Caitlin Cieri

Maid of Honor

Home Town
Waterloo NY


Elaina Praylor


Home Town
Waterloo NY

Pre-Ceremony Events

Engagement Party

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Bridal Shower

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Bachelor Party

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Bachelorette Party

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Ceremonial Events

Rehearsal Dinner

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Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding Reception

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Hannah and Steffan ~ September 10, 2011!

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Hannah and Steffan ~ September 10, 2011!

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