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The Bride

Deidra Giguere

Home Town

Parents of the Bride
Erika Giguere

Strassburg Strassburg

She Loves
Cheerleading, Friends,family,cosmetology,animals and Nick

She Dislikes
People who like to cause drama and problem,drama

Favorite Food

Favorite Activities

Favorite Quote
"A wise girl kisses but doesnt love,listen but doesnt beleive,and leaves before she is left"
  Marilyn Manroe


The Groom

Nick Roof

Home Town

Parents of the groom
Lori and Bill Roof

He Loves
Sports, work,and Deidra

He Dislikes

Favorite Food
Speghetti,Tacos,stuffed peppers

Favorite Activities
Football, baseball

Deidra and Nick ~ July 24, 2011!


Dating for: 8 years and 3 months and 9 days

Engaged on: December 24, 2009

Our story...

We met on March 23th 2008 at a friends house and it just so happened to be Nicks birthday. We ran in to each other at a store about three months later and it was just a caual talk. Then on March 23th 2009 we met once again,on accident it wasnt planned, and we started talking and ended up dating on March 27th 2009 and have been together happily ever since.

Our Plans...

We plan to move away from Geneva and go to college and get settled then get married with our friends and family there to celbrate with us.

Kayla Sandroni

Maid of Honor

Home Town
Geneva Ny

She Loves
cheerleading shopping and Cody Hilton

Emily McDonald


Emily Locke


Kyle Bailey

Best Man

Home Town
Geneva Ny

Cory Roof


Home Town
Geneva NY

Pre-Ceremony Events

Engagement Party

<< no information provided >>

Bridal Shower

<< no information provided >>

Bachelor Party

<< no information provided >>

Bachelorette Party

<< no information provided >>

Ceremonial Events

Rehearsal Dinner

<< no information provided >>

Wedding Ceremony

<< no information provided >>

Wedding Reception

<< no information provided >>

Deidra and Nick ~ July 24, 2011!


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Deidra and Nick ~ July 24, 2011!

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