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Grape Pies
History and Other Information

Naples was part of the Phelps and Gorham Purchase.

The town was established in 1789 along with Ontario County, and settlement began the following year. The town, known at one time as "Watkinstown" (after Captain Nathan Watkins, a Revolutionary War veteran and early settler) and "Middletown," was finally given the name "Naples" in 1806. Naples was not quickly settled due to its hilly terrain. Part of the new town was used to form the Town of Italy in 1815, and another part was used to form part of the Town of Springwater in 1816.

Grapes, first planted in the 1840s, led to the modern grape and wine industry of the town and also led to the annual grape festival which began in 1961, one of which was broadcast on the World Food Network.

The Widmer's Winery produces Manischewitz wine.

Notable past residents

Myron Holley Clark, New York governor and Prohibitionist.


The town of Naples holds quite a distinction. Since the town is located just inside a 75-mile radius of Syracuse, New York, if the Buffalo Bills do not sell out an NFL game and it gets blacked out, the game is not shown in Naples because the town is within 75 miles of both Orchard Park and Syracuse, which is the secondary market for the Bills. If a game does not sell out, it cannot be shown in the home city region as well as any secondary regions as long as that region's television signal goes within 75 miles of the home team's stadium.

Points of Interest

Naples Grape Festival


Arbor Hill Grapery
Widmer Wine Cellars
Hunt Country Vineyards

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