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Auburn Wedding Resources (more information)

Seward House
Auburn is a city located in Cayuga County north of Owasco Lake which is a part of the Finger Lakes.

The City of Auburn is the home town to the Auburn Doubledays minor league baseball team.

Early history

The city of Auburn was founded in 1793, before the creation of Cayuga County, by John L. Hardenbergh, a veteran of the American Revolution, who is now buried in Auburn's Fort Hill Cemetery.

From to 1818 to 1939, Auburn was home to Auburn Theological Seminary, one of the preeminent theological seminaries in the United States. In 1939, facing financial difficulties, the Auburn Theological Seminary moved to the campus of Union Theological Seminary in New York City. The only building from the Auburn Theological Seminary that stands today is Willard Memorial Hospital on Nelson Street. It is the only complete, unaltered Tiffany chapel known to exist.

Notable residents of Auburn

Abner Doubleday, for many years credited as the creator of baseball
Theodore Case, who developed the first commercially successful system of recording sound on film.
Jerome H. Holland, the first African-American board member of the American Stock Exchange, was an Auburn native.
Jerry O'Neil, a NASCAR driver, also calls Auburn home.
William H. Seward, Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln arranged the purchase of Alaska (known at the time as "Seward's Folly").
Harriet Tubman, an African American freedom-fighter and escaped slave, who brought many people to the North to escape slavery, formed a friendship with William Seward and spent the last years of her life in Auburn. She and Seward (including much of his family) are buried in Fort Hill Cemetery.
Avery Robert Dulles,(born August 24, 1918), cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted.

Points of Interest

Willard Chapel
Cayuga Community College
Seward House
Scheweinfurth Memorial Art Center


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